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Blackout SLT "Super Light" (Senior)

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Super Light "SLT" carbon fiber design, only 420 grams!

The newest member to our Blackout line of Sr. hockey sticks. The super light Blackout SLT is designed to enhance feel for the puck and allow the shooter to release shots more quickly and accurately. Featuring true one piece lightweight premium carbon fiber construction you'll feel the difference. A great stick for advanced to elite players who want the lightest true one-piece composite hockey stick on the market for half the price of other brands.

Compared To:
• BAUER VAPOR 1X - $299.99

Key Features:
• True one piece lightweight 100% premium carbon fiber construction - Only 420 grams!
• Double sided concave shaft with a light grip coating for enhanced control
• Mid-shaft flex profile to achieve maximum energy transfer when shooting
• High density foam injected blade for greater feel and harder shots

Stick Weight: 420 grams

Stick Length: 60" from heel to end of shaft

• 105 – Sr. Stiff
• 87 – Sr. Regular
• 77 – Sr. Medium

Blade Curve Patterns:

P2 - Similar to Bauer: P92-Ovechkin / CCM: Nugent-Hopkins / Easton: E3 Hall

P5 - Similar to Bauer: P02-Giroux / Easton: E5 Getzlaf / Warrior: Lidstrom

P9 - Similar to Bauer: PM9-Stamkos / Easton: E4 Cammalleri

P17 - Similar to Bauer: P14-Toews

P23 - Similar to Bauer: P91A-Stall / Easton: E6 Parise

P88 - Similar to Bauer: P88-Kane / Easton: E7 Iginla




Reviews (3)

K. Schroeder 3rd Jan 2017

Very Comparable to Bauer 1X

Just purchased our 3rd 435 Blackout. My son says they are in everyway as good as the Bauer 1X he got for his birthday last year (which broke in the 3rd high school game he played with it). He says the the Bison actually feels a little more solid than the 1X when taking shots. The curve (P88) and shaft feel identical to 1X and it (Bison) even weighs a little less (419 g). Best thing is, unlike all the other sticks (any brand) the price for this stick is the same as we paid for the first one we bought 3.5 years ago. If you are thinking about trying Bison, go ahead and buy one. You won't be disappointed.

Augie 11th Apr 2015


Playing junior hockey money is 100% a factor. If you're looking for a great stick with a great price this is it. It has all the amenities of an apx2 with the price point of an x70. This stick has great feel and the puck flys off the blade. I took a chance on this stick and I'm glad I did. Let me put it this way. I've used this stick once and I bought 3 more the next day.

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Additional Info

Usually ships within 24 hrs.

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