Hockey Stick Repair Kit frequently asked questions and answers

I ordered the wrong size repair kit (the inner repair sleeve is either too big or too small) can I exchange it for a different size?

Yes - Bison Hockey Sticks offers free exchanges on the repair sleeve as long as you have not applied epoxy to it. Just email us at and request an exchange for a different size. It is up to the customer to ship the returned kit back to Bison Hockey Sticks.


The inner repair sleeve is a little too big to fit easily into my broken stick shaft, can I sand it down so it fits better?

Yes - each repair kit comes with sand paper if you need to sand the sides or corners of the composite repair sleeve. You can safely sand up to .5mm off each side of the repair sleeve without altering its effectiveness or durability. Since the inside corners of some hockey stick shafts are more round than the outer corners of the repair sleeves always look at sanding the corners of the repair sleeve first.


How much additional weight will the composite inner repair sleeve and epoxy add to my stick?

The composite repair sleeve (insert) and epoxy weigh a total of 45 grams.


How much of the broken area of my hockey stick shaft should I cut off?

All of the area that is broken, cracked or splintered. Usually this is an area of about 1 to 2 inches. The wooden end plug (butt end) that comes with the DIY repair kit will extend the length of the repaired stick up to 3 inches. If you need a longer wooden end plug  email us at info@bisonhockeysticks and request that a longer wooden end plug be shipped in your kit instead. There is no additional charge.


Can I email Bison Hockey Sticks and order a hockey stick repair kit if I know the name and model of my broken stick?

We will always recommend that you cut your broken hockey stick and measure the inside diameter of your broken stick shaft and use these measurements to identify which kit size to order. Click Here for a quick video showing you how to measure and order the right repair kit size.


After repairing my hockey stick shaft and letting the epoxy dry I heard a "cracking" sound when I flexed my stick for the first time, is that normal?

Yes this is normal, it doesn't happen all the time but its common to hear the semi-flexible epoxy make a cracking or popping sound the first time (or first couple times) you flex your newly repaired stick shaft. The epoxy stretches a bit but this shouldn't affect the bond or strength of the repair. Usually the cracking sounds subsides after a couple flexes and the epoxy has reached its maximum elasticity.