Introducing the Blackout PRO

New for 2020. Building on the success of previous models, the Blackout PRO hockey stick was designed for players looking for maximum power and durability from a pro-level true one-piece light weight carbon fiber hockey stick.

Key Features:
• Lightweight carbon fiber construction using a true one-piece "mono comp" single molding process
• Double sided concave shaft with rounded corners and a light grip coating for enhanced control
• High kick point to achieve maximum energy transfer when shooting
• Reinforced 18K carbon fiber shell that resists damage from slashes, hacks and blocked shots

Stick Weight: 470 grams

Stick Length: 60" from heel to end of shaft

Grip: Grip and No Grip available

Flex:• 105 – Sr. Stiff
• 87 – Sr. Regular
• 77 – Sr. Medium