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After years of producing affordable high performance composite hockey sticks, Bison Hockey Sticks has developed a patent pending, easy to use Do-It-Yourself hockey stick repair kit for repairing the shaft of most junior size composite hockey sticks. Don't throw away your broken stick, fix it yourself!

How to order?

The inside diameter of most composite sticks are very similar in size but there are slight differences. To determine which of the DIY Stick Repair System “kit” sizes will work best for you just follow these 3 simple steps:

  1. Make two straight cuts across your broken stick shaft. One below and one above the broken area. Cut as little off the shaft as possible but be sure to cut and remove all of the broken area. Usually this is an area of 1 to 2 inches in total length.
  2. Carefully measure and record the inside diameter (ID) of the cleanly cut shaft opening closest to the blade (lower shaft). Your measurement should be made in millimeters (mm). Record your measurement to the closest one-half (.5) millimeter. You will use this measurement to select which DIY Repair System “kit” to order. CLICK HERE FOR A QUICK VIDEO SHOWING YOU HOW TO MEASURE THE INSIDE DIAMETER OF YOUR BROKEN STICK SHAFT
  3. Select the DIY Repair System kit size that most closely matches your measurement. Example: 15.5mm x 26mm

Reviews (2)

Steve Johnson 14th Jun 2022

Bison Stick Repair Kit

Product works great and has given new life to several of our dead sticks. It would be nice if there were more sizes available for tapered/ rounded stick shafts.

Ryan 28th Feb 2020

Stick repair kit

My son broke his new stick he got for his birthday during practice and never had a chance to use in a game. We got the kit and it made his stick new again. It was very easy to do and worth the money.

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